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mcgowan no new taxes

05 September 2017

KPIs for McGowan’s First Budget

The McGowan Government is committed to key performance indicators. Some appropriate KPIs for the McGowan Government’s first budget are found in their own words.

28 August 2017

Sam Calabrese Appointed as State Director of WA Liberal Party

The State President of the Liberal Party of Western Australia today announced that Sam Calabrese will be appointed to the position of State Director, following a far reaching and extensive selection process.

labors new taxes on families

26 August 2017

Shorten offers new taxes, but no GST reform

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has failed all Australians by refusing to commit to structural reform of the GST, according to Western Australian Opposition Leader Mike Nahan.


06 July 2017

WA Labor Putting Bill Shorten Ahead of Better GST Deal for WA

Labor’s Western Australian federal Members of Parliament have made it clear they do not support a better GST deal for Western Australia.

walib gst review

28 June 2017

The Case for Real Reform of the GST Distribution

There is a long and tortuous history to financial arrangements between the Commonwealth and the States. It is a history of arguments between the different levels of government and a constant bickering amongst the States.

education banner

26 June 2017

Record Education Funding for WA

The Turnbull Government is delivering real needs-based funding for our schools to ensure students get the support and quality education they need to succeed.

100 days

25 June 2017

100 Days of Backflips, Broken Promises and Bad Decisions

The McGowan Government’s first 100 days have been backflips, broken promises and bad decisions.

labors new taxes on families

22 June 2017

Labor Hits Families to Pay for $5 billion of Election Promises

WA families are reeling from today’s announcement by the State Government that they can expect household fees to go up on average by $438 in the coming year.

law and order

22 June 2017

Labor Puts Meth Dealers Ahead of Families

The McGowan Labor Government today signalled it was more concerned about protecting the interests of meth dealers and traffickers, than families dealing with the scourge meth.

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