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Dr Mike Nahan 2021 Retirement

03 December 2019

Statement from Mike Nahan

I have decided not to nominate and re-contest the 2021 State Election.

I am very grateful to the many people who have urged me to re-contest. I have considered their views and representations very carefully and respectfully, indeed up to this very last minute. It is with a heavy heart that I disappoint them.

However, I am confident that there will be a number of experienced and competent aspirants from the Liberal Party who will seek nomination for the seat of Riverton.

It has been an honour and privilege to serve the people of WA both in government and in opposition for 12 years. But, happily, there are many ways to be of service and I hope to continue as best as I can.

I will leave with fondest memories of my time in Riverton, of the many people whose lives I have come to be part of in some small way. I thank the people of Riverton most sincerely for having me, for our journey together and my very best wishes are with them.


Comments from Fay Duda and Sam Calabrese

Mike Nahan has announced his decision to retire at the upcoming 2021 State Election.

Mike was first elected in 2008, when he wrested the seat of Riverton from the Labor incumbent by 64 votes, securing the defeat of the Carpenter Government.

In 2012, Mike was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Energy. Following his successful re-election in 2013, with an increased margin, Mike was appointed Minister for Energy, Finance, Citizenship and Multicultural Interest, and from March 2014 was Treasurer for the three final years of the Barnett Government.

Following the 2017 election, Mike was elected Leader of the WA Liberal Party and within his first 18 months successfully won 2 by-election, securing a +6.9% swing in Cottesloe and a massive +9.3% swing in Darling Range.

Mike's victory in Darling Range was particularly noteworthy as it was only the 4th by-election in which an Opposition had captured a Legislative Assembly seat from a Government in over 70 years.

Mike will continue to represent the Electorate of Riverton until the election in 2021.

We thank Mike for his service to his local community, our State and Party.

Our best wishes go to him, to Nyuk and their children Keavy and Key.