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Give Seniors and Families Financial Relief to Stimulate Economy

12 March 2020

WA Liberal Leader Liza Harvey has called on the McGowan Government to give immediate financial relief to seniors and families to stimulate the economy which is being affected by the Coronavirus.

“The Government should immediately freeze cost of living charges to give families the confidence to spend money at a time when we need to stimulate the economy to battle the effects of the Coronavirus,” Mrs Harvey said.

“The Federal Government has acted, other states have acted, but Premier Mark McGowan has done nothing to help protect the WA economy, which was already struggling before this crisis.

“This is a really simple measure. Announce fees and charges will be frozen, give people confidence, prompt them to spend to keep local businesses ticking over at a time of uncertainty.

“Money available under the Hardship Utilities Grant Scheme should be increased to help the most vulnerable. And the seniors rebate should be boosted immediately.”

The Government should also immediately use Federal Government money start the Roe 8/9 project to kick start the economy, generating thousands of jobs and making our roads safer.

“The lack of action shows a lack of leadership by Mark McGowan. He needs to step up, reassure people and give them information. No information allows panic to breed and the economy, including small businesses and families, suffer.”

Mrs Harvey and Shadow Health Minister Zak Kirkup said this weekend’s Mandurah Crab Fest was the perfect opportunity to spread vital information about how to avoid the Coronavirus.

“I will be at Mandurah Crab Fest this weekend which is the perfect opportunity to get key Coronavirus messages to the public,” Mrs Harvey said.

“The Government should use the event to tell people how to stay safe, tell them how to keep their families safe. Billboards, signage, public messaging. The Government must use every avenue to spread the message.”


Liza Harvey MLA
WA Liberal Leader