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Make $1000 payments to families and stop delaying the stimulus package

24 March 2020

The McGowan Government must immediately make available $1000 for struggling families and implement its stimulus package immediately – delaying is costing jobs and hurting West Australians.

The Government must move now to protect them, not wait until July 1, and not abandon big sections of the community like sole traders and small businesses.

Tens of thousands of West Australians lost their jobs yesterday with the closure of hotels, pubs, cafes, restaurants and other hospitality venues,” Opposition Leader Liza Harvey said.

The queues outside Centrelink - unprecedented since the time of the Great Depression - show just how many people have suddenly found themselves out of work and desperate for help.

Their faces are desperate. In a time of crisis, the McGowan Government must move decisively and swiftly.

I today call on the Premier to:

  • Make immediate hardship payments up to $1000 for anyone in financial stress.
  • Bring forward its stimulus package which comes into effect too late (July 1).

I have told the Premier that the Opposition stands ready to support measures that help people financially, support our  businesses and keep our most vulnerable safe.

We cannot let this health crisis become a jobs and economic crisis.

And there is no doubt that as this crisis continues and people are forced to change their way of life, there will be more businesses under serious financial pressure. This will flow on to families and hit them hard.

We stand ready to support measures that support WA. Come on Premier. The time for action is now.