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Statement from Dr Mike Nahan

12 June 2019

I have today written to the Secretary of the Parliamentary Liberal Party Nick Goiran advising of my intention to resign the leadership of the Parliamentary Liberal Party.

I have asked Nick to call a special Party Room meeting in order that a ballot for the leadership can take place. This will allow my colleagues sufficient time to discuss the leadership with each other.

It was always my intention to rebuild the Liberal team, to give all leadership aspirants the opportunity to prove themselves and to then reconsider my position half way through this term, with the intention of handing hand over to a new team.

I had discussed the timing of such an announcement with some colleagues, and while it was anticipated the discussions would be kept confidential, the airing of leadership discussions in the media has prompted me to call for the issue to be resolved by the end of this week.

I would like to thank my colleagues for their support and efforts.

We have been a united team and a very effective Opposition.

We have exposed the many and real flaws of the McGowan Government and are in the process of presenting a credible and alternative Government in 2021.

Success in politics is, in the end, judged on election results.

Under my leadership, we have faced three elections and, against the odds, the expectations and the polls, won each election with swings toward us.

In Cottesloe, there was always an expectation the Liberal Party would win, but with a significantly reduced margin. We won with an increased margin.

The Darling Range by election was a real test for us. It was a by-election within a year of a general election and Darling Range was a Labor seat. The expectation was we would get beaten, and beaten badly.

Labor made the by-election about Mark McGowan and myself and the polls predicted we would lose, and lose badly.  Again, we won with a 9.3 per cent swing toward us.

The Federal Election was largely due to Federal issues, however, in WA State issues, including infrastructure spending and cost of living, played a major role.

Again Mark McGowan was front and centre – he was the pin-up boy for Federal Labor in WA.  Again, the pundits, the polls and the expectations were that the Liberals would lose. Again, we won with swings to us, we retained all of our seats and had three Senators elected.

If the Federal Election results were translated to a 2021 State Election, we would govern with a comfortable majority.

Against the tide of political thought and expectations, the WA Liberal Opposition has done well.

These results show to a pathway to victory for the WA Liberal Party in 2021.

Darling Range was the prototype.  The Federal election replicated that.

I will remain on as the Member for Riverton, where I will continue to work for the best interests of my constituents and I look forward to working with my successor and my colleagues to ensure a Liberal return to Government in 2021.