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We need action on homeless NOW

04 December 2019

Today’s announcement that the McGowan Labor Government has finally released its 10-year homeless strategy—after three years in government—can best be described as yet another plan for a plan.

Having been dragged kicking and screaming by the Opposition to do something about one of WA’s most pressing social issues, Labor’s latest Band-Aid looks a lot like all their other major projects; all talk and no action.

For example, one part of their plan is the creation of two common ground facilities, but in three years of government, Labor has no idea where they will go, when construction will start and when it will be completed.
This do-nothing approach is like all the other major projects, Metronet (not a single kilometre of rail line has been laid—nor a single train built) Medihotels (construction has not started) or the expansion of Joondalup Health Campus (construction yet to begin).

WA is faced with a homelessness crisis now, so we need action now – not an ad hoc announcement to be delivered some way into the very distant future.

This government slashed funding for government housing in their first three years—and now they are now playing catch up.


Tell Premier McGowan, we need action on homelessness NOW! Sign the petition: