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Andrew Hastie MP

Member for Canning

Andrew is ready to serve the hard working people of Canning as their local representative. 

Andrew is a 32 year-old husband and father who until recently has worked as an Army Captain with the Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment.

He and his wife, Ruth, have been married for seven years and have recently started their own family with the birth of their son, Jonathan, in June.

Andrew and his family live locally in Dudley Park, Mandurah.

Andrew wants to follow in the late Don Randall’s footsteps and serve the hard working people of Canning.
Serving our nation

Andrew joined the Australian Army to help protect our way of life.

As a Captain in the Special Air Services Regiment he’s had multiple tours of Afghanistan and the Middle East. 

His first priority on overseas army missions was always the welfare of his troops and their families back home.

Andrew’s also advised on the Government’s successful Operation Sovereign Borders program which has secured our borders.

Office Details

Unit 2
61 Sutton Street
Mandurah, WA, 6210

Tel: (08) 9534 8044

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