Ben Morton



Ben Morton MP

Member for Tangney

Ben Morton is proud to call himself a local resident of Tangney, living in Applecross with his wife Asta and two young children Harrison and Madeleine.

Ben understands people and politics. He has developed an understanding of government and has the enthusiasm and the skills to get things done for the people of Tangney.

As a teenager growing up on the NSW Central Coast, Ben was someone who that would see a problem and rather than ignoring it, would work to fix it.

In a surprise to his family who had had no previous involvement in politics, Ben saw politics as a way of making a difference and making his community better for everyone.

Ben first joined the Liberal Party with a strong desire to make a contribution to his community, to have a say and have an impact on key issues confronting Australia.  He wanted our country to be the very best it can be and to create an environment for Australians to achieve their full potential.

He wanted to contribute.

Ben wants to represent his fellow citizens of Tangney and to work towards a society where hard work is rewarded and where people, through the application of their own effort, intelligence and sweat, can be the very best they can be.

After completing his University Degree at the Australian National University Ben returned to his hometown and stood for election as the Liberal Party Candidate for Wyong.

While he did not win that election to become the local State MP, Ben learnt what could be achieved by effectively representing local people and organisations.

As a hard working candidate Ben is proud to have assisted a small organisation called the Wyong Child Abuse Support service. This service was going to close due to funding issues and Ben put pressure on the ALP State Government to fund the organisation.

Ben was able to speak for those who did not know how to represent their concerns to Government, his campaign resulted in then NSW ALP Premier Bob Carr visiting that organisation and committing funding to it.

This was a very proud moment for Ben as a young candidate.  He was able to apply his advocacy skills and enthusiasm for the benefit of others. For Ben this is what being a good political representative is all about – making a positive impact for people’s lives and for their community.

This is what Ben believes politics should always be about.

Ben went on to work as an advisor in the Howard Government where he was able to further develop his knowledge of Australian government.

With the defeat of the Howard Government in 2007, Ben went back to the old job he had while at University – driving school buses. It was while working that he was able to contemplate what he wanted to put his hand to next.

In February 2008, on a holiday to Western Australia Ben proposed to his wife Asta as the sun was setting over the water at Scarborough Beach. Unknown to Ben at the time he would return to WA with Asta later that year to take up the State Director position of the Western Australian Liberal Party.

Ben is immensely proud of the achievements of the Liberal Party during his time as State Director.

Under his leadership the WA Liberal party won every election and increased the number of seats held substantially.

Ben learnt that developing and leading good teams was key to success and has shown himself as someone who can bring people together to achieve common objectives.

Leading one of WA’s largest membership based organisations Ben was able to draw on the teachings from his parents in the management of their family business, and apply those lessons in his management of the WA Division of the Liberal Party.

With thousands of members, budgets, staff, assets, property and audits, Ben’s leadership led to the WA Liberal Party being recognised as one of the most efficient political organisations in Australia.

Currently working in the private sector as a senior Manager for one of Australia’s largest home builders, BGC, Ben has consistently proven himself to be someone who can get things done, and he now wants to deliver for the people and families of Tangney.

Ben, along with Asta, have over the years fallen in love with WA and its entrepreneurial spirit, and its willingness to approach issues differently when needed.

He is a great believer in the importance of competitive Federalism and that government is best when our parliamentarians are closest to its citizens.

If elected Ben will work hard for the community he represents. Ben will be a very accessible and grass roots local MP.

With your support, Ben will apply his proven skills of communication, leadership, and strategic thinking along with his experience, energy and enthusiasm together with his understanding of politics and Government to work for his fellow residents of Tangney.

Office Details

6 Aveley Street,
Willetton WA 6155 

Tel: 9354 9633

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